Laura & Stuart

11 January

Comrie Croft, Perthsire

Laura and Stuart, both outdoor sports enthusiasts, chose Comrie Croft and eco camping and DIY venue with sustainability at its heart. The bride wore her grandmothers wedding dress, and a beautiful green velvet cape, so the flowers and foliage reflected the simplicity and neutral tones of the dresses and venue.  

Virtually all the flowers and foliage were British grown, with tiny Cornish Paperwhite narcissi tucked amongst eucalyptus and ivy. The simple pews and whitewashed walls of the barn were decorated with faceted brass lanterns, a foliage arch and chandelier and thousands of fairylights creating a cosy atmosphere on a chilly winter day. Table arrangements were eclectic assemblages of foraged cones, vintage stoneware and candleholders, with simple arrangements of thistles, narcissi and eucalyptus. 

One of the bridesmaids fell in love – with a Scottish wolfhound!

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